To Blog or Not to Blog

So I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for sometime now…I’ve always kept a diary and have used writing as my outlet for life—the good and the bad. (As my snooping mother and sisters can attest too!) I love writing, am always wishing to write more, and enjoy silent stalking of all the cool, hip “mommy blogs” out there. So it would make sense that I would enjoy writing my own blog.

But I have my hesitations:

1) I fear I spend entirely too much time on my computer. Not only do I work from home for one of my jobs, but I use the computer for a lot of other activities—pictures, all the bills and maintenancey stuff of life, the aforementioned blog stalking, an occasional class, shopping, planning dream vacations…you get the picture. Blogging would be just one more thing that would make me feel that pull towards my computer.

2) And along those lines, I don’t want to be someone who is blogging about life instead of actually living it. Every minute I am sitting at the computer blogging is a minute spent away from my children and away from “real” life.

3) I don’t want to be perceived as a narcissistic person—oooh look at me, look at my wit, look at pictures of my beautiful children—or assume that anyone actually wants to read what I have to say.

4) Plain ol’ self-doubt—I’ve spent many a night perusing blogs and ending up feeling depressed and dejected about my own life. Being a mom, of course, I look at other mom’s blogs and read about how they get up at the butt-crack of dawn to work out, make all their own organic cleaners, whip up gourmet meals, etc. etc.. Their blogs are beautiful to look at, their writing impeccable and engaging, their topics interesting, and most offensive of all—they seem like nice people. What could I possibly have to contribute to the blog world after all that??

And with those hesitations, here I am.

I have finally decided since this is something I’ve wanted to do, that I’m just going to do it. There are a lot of things I want to do in life, and if this happens to be one of them, then so be it. As a mom, you sacrifice a lot, so I have to believe that if writing helps me sort through the craziness of parenthood, that the few minutes I spend blogging will translate into something productive. Maybe it will be a way to just improve my writing skills or brainstorm with other moms out there. Or who knows—maybe I’ll even get motivated to make my own toilet cleaner?

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