No Shame

What in the world?

What have I taken a picture of and posted so unabashedly in my blog?

Drumroll please….

It’s my first check for writing.

The first time I have made money for the craft. Well aside from the time my mom paid me 50 cents to type up a paper for her graduate class…that doesn’t really count.

So the check was for articles written on Botox.  So the articles won’t even have my name. So the editor I worked with will read this post and chuckle at me.

I am still proud.

And yes, I did post the check up on my refrigerator, right up there with Ada’s arts & crafts paper Easter basket and cross. It’s a small step, but it’s a step nonetheless.  I have hope that someday, somehow, I can stop digitally removing fecal matter from people (if you don’t know what that means, think carefully: your fingers are called ‘digits’.  Now do you understand why I have to stop working as a nurse?!)

I have hope that I can change my life.  That I can become a successful writer.  Even if that means starting making twenty-nine dollars for five Botox articles and blogging about it…

Ain’t no shame in that.

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