I’m a part stay- at-home mom, part telecommuting mom, part nurse, part student,  part pregnancy center volunteer, and I forgot what else at the moment.

But basically, I spend most of the day in my jammies.

I am the mother of two girls, ages 2 1/2 and 9 months, and they are my  focus right now in this stage of my life.  I work two jobs, one from home and one occasionally in the afternoons/evenings so I can primarily be home with them.

I am a person who is always dreaming, always planning, and usually falling short of what I hope. My husband is a better cook than me, my hair always looks flat no matter what I do to it, and I am on a perpetual quest to lose the baby weight (but I keep having babies, darn it!)

I became a mom unexpectedly my senior year of college, and while I at first struggled with an unplanned pregnancy, I have now experienced enough of life to  know that pregnancy is never a tragedy. There are enough real tragedies in life. But when I looked down that night and saw those two, tiny blue lines that represented the biggest change in my life, my life changed forever. It started me on this new journey as a young mom and I named my blog in honor of that moment.

I love being a mom, I love all things pregnancy and birth related, I love reading, and I love writing.  I’m a pseduo-nurse, in the sense that I really don’t feel that nursing is my calling, but at the moment, it’s a flexible job that allows me to be home with my girls.

I hope this blog can inspire me to focus on what is important in life and to have a place to come to on the days when motherhood overwhelms me.

2 responses to “About

  • tumbledweeds

    “I have now experienced enough of life to know that pregnancy is never a tragedy.” I LOVE this line. You are a beauty — thanks for your testament of love. And perspective.

    • Two Tiny Blue Lines

      Thank you. I have to be honest though, it took me some time to get there…I think that’s important to recognize for young moms who may have unplanned pregnancies..it’s ok to have those feelings in the beginning! I think guilt and fear drives many women to abortion…but being honest about how scary it is can turn the tide and actually be really empowering.

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