Easiest Ever Bean Burritos

This little recipe is perfect for those days when you know you will be too busy for dinner. Or, you just want to be lazy. It uses my favorite kitchen appliance–the crockpot–which I love for its convenience in cooking AND super easy clean-up. There is no prep involved, which equals no dishes to wash, which in turn, equals aweseomeness.

So, here it is:

Easiest Ever Bean Burritos

Black beans (1 can or the bagged variety. I like bagged–cheaper and healthier)
1 jar of salsa
A few fresh or frozen chicken breasts (I use frozen, because guess what? It’s easy)
Any random fresh or frozen veggies you want to get rid of, I mean add, such as frozen corn
Dashes of chili powder, cumin, and some cilantro (alternatively, you could use one of those burrito spice packs)

Now, if you are ready for this, here’s how you make it:


Mix everything together in the crock-pot. Top with chicken.  Put the top on the crock-pot. Crank the crock-pot up to high for a few hours, or low for a few more.  When it’s all done, shred the chicken in and serve. Don’t forget the cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. Oh, and whole wheat tortillas.

Do you love me?

We had these last night. It wasn’t exactly a busy day for me…although I did do four loads of laundry, worked, organized the kitchen cupboards, cleaned and vacuumed the basement, and even blogged. Oh, and cared for two children, one of whom is still sick, somewhere in the middle of that.  Plus, I am still sick. So I felt like being lazy.

Anyways, I love this recipe and I use it alot, probably once a week I would even venture to say. So, enjoy a stress free dinner on me sometime this week.

Let me know how it turns out!

PS- I have to add than when my Firefox spell check tried to correct “crockpot,” it suggested I use the word “crackpot.” Ha!

2 responses to “Easiest Ever Bean Burritos

  • tumbledweeds

    Yum! Thanks for sharing — I gave my crockpot to my sister a few years ago, and haven’t gotten it back, so maybe it’s time to. I do a bean burrito about once a week, too, though on the stove top — saute onions and garlic, add can of diced tomatoes, can of drained black beans, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder. Get it all hot and gooey. While doing that, make some spanish rice. Put it in a tortilla with whatever you like — avocado, cheese, salsa. Yum! Easy cheesy.

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