My New Best Friend

Now I wish I knew how to get money from this blogging business…doing product reviews or something. But I do believe that entails 1) having a blog that people read and 2) reviewing actual products.  Which I don’t.

Regardless, I would still like to introduce you to my new best friend:

The Swiffer Vac.

I am not usually one for gizmos and gadets in my home, preferring to keep things simple, but this little bad boy is truly awesome.  I first used it at my mother-in-law’s.  While helping her clean her kitchen after dinner one night, I grabbed the ol’ standby broom and dustpan.  “Oh, don’t use that” she smiled at me, “I have a Swiffer in the laundry room.”  Hmm..what is this? I thought as I ventured into the dark laundry room.  Peering into the room, I saw a small green light, illuminating the sleek and simple contraption.  Unplugging it from its’ charging dock, I hit the power button and suddenly…

Pure bliss! I was gliding around the kitchen, waltzing with the Swiffer as I gracefully navigated turns, nooks, and corners I had previously never encountered with the broom.  I felt like a ’50’s commercial, fancying myself a housewife in heels and pearls as I effortlessly cleaned the floor in about a minute flat.  In fact, I was enjoying myself so much, I found myself slightly disappointed when the floor gleamed and sparkled so quickly.

Seeing my love for the Swiffer, my mother-in-law promised to buy me one for Christmas.  (A whole different story on how my life has turned into cleaning products for Christmas…) Unfortunately, she forgot her promise, but still provided me with some lovely glassware that I did need.

Cruising the after-Christmas sales with Ada one day, I came upon a sale in the cleaning aisle of Meijer.  My Swiffer Vac, reduced to the price of $30.00.

So I bought it, and my life has been transformed.

Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but not much. I LOVE the Swiffer.  It has literally shaved hours of cleaning off of my life.  I dreaded the thrice daily ritual of cleaning the chaotic aftermath previously known as meals.  If I did the math correctly, assuming I took a mere 5 minutes per meal sweeping the floor (which is a gross underestimation, as I was to the point of literally dragging my huge vacuum out after every meal), I am gaining 91 hours a year!

Hooray!  Now, tell me cleaning products are not exciting!

Perhaps your children are not as messy as mine, or perhaps you prescribe to the same philosophy as my husband who remarked in response to my cleaning complaints, “It’s not like you have to clean the floor after every meal.” But either way, I am convinced that this little machine is a must-have for the modern mom.

The only cons I have with the Swiffer Vac are firstly, the cleaning cloths are disposable.  I do try to be a little “green” if possible and I try to avoid lots of paper products and harmful chemical cleaners.  I tried getting around this con by attaching a washable microfiber cloth to the velcro, but it was too bulky and blocked the vacuum.  If it had a removable, washable dusting cloth, I would be in heaven.  My solution so far, while searching for a thinner microfiber cloth, is to just use out the disposable cloth till it is falling apart.  Secondly, you do have to charge it when it’s not in use.  It probably has a good 10-15 minute charge, but it is still inconvenient if you forgot to charge it, need to use it, and the battery is dead. So I try to charge when not in use.  The need to charge, therefore, presents a possible storage issue, as you need to store it, yet also charge it simultaneously.  I have not solved this issue yet and currently keep it in the office, behind the door, in plain view.  Fortunately, however, I have a woodworker husband who is building me a custom office and I have requested a cupboard with an outlet, so my Swiffer Vac will have a home.

I do realize that this is perhaps my longest post thus far, but what can I say? Cleaning takes up a lot of my day with two kidlings at home, and this is important stuff.  I would like to end my post by saying I realize that there are probably a million coupon codes out there for the Swiffer, but I do have a $5.00 off coupon that came with the package to “Share With a Friend” and I would be happy to mail this coupon to anyone who would like to meet the new man in my life, Mr. Swiffer.

And the absolute, most wonderful part about the Swiffer Vac? Any two year old can work it. Mine races me to the office for “her turn” to sweep the floor. And if you happen to have another small child who enjoys being carried around everywhere, the Swiffer Vac is also incredibly easy to use one-handed.

Let me see a broom and dustpan top that!

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