The Birth of Noah

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of photographing a couple I went to high school with as they welcomed their third son into the world.  Chelsie was a pro in labor, even texting to check on the other kiddos and applying some make up while 8 cm dilated!  (Granted, the epidural was probably a help too, but still!)  They were an awesome couple to work with for my first shoot and I LOVED the experience.  I am fascinated by labor and birth, and to have the chance to capture a labor story through photography was incredible.  Especially because everything went so well–and so quickly!

While birth portraits are definitely not for everyone, I love the idea of capturing the first moment when a mother meets her baby for the first time.  That first time she holds her baby and their eyes meet–that is heaven on earth. No moment so completely shows us what God is as that first moment.  And I love that I got to capture that forever!

Noah was born on 1-1-11 and is now happy and healthy, playing at home with his two older brothers.  His birth portraits were edited by j & j brusie photography and my brother and his company Elite Productionz put a slideshow together that I am waiting on permission to post. Hopefully I can post the show and you can let me know what you think.

And if there are any moms awaiting their bundles of joy, let me know if you are interested in getting some pictures done!  I’d also love to do a maternity photo shoot…models anyone?

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