The Baby Who Never Sleeps II

In true mom guilt style, after all my ranting and raving, Mya woke up sick this morning! So, I am now reduced to feeling wretched for complaining about her night awakening–maybe she was genuinely miserable! I’m not sure if it is a cold or teething right now. I never dealt with this with Ada…I literally just noticed teeth sticking out in Ada’s mouth one day. “I guess she was teething,” I told my husband, “Who knew?” Again with the mom guilt.

That being said however, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who offered me advice, because (proud moment, pat on the back) I did make some progress in getting her down for naps and bedtime. Most of the advice offered I have been following (consistent routine, favorite bedtime cues, fan, etc.) but for some reason, it genuinely never occurred to me to be persistent in my efforts to lay her down. As in, if I laid her down and she popped right up, ready to party, I didn’t persist any further, but just picked her up and took her out of her room. In my new enlightened state of motherhood however, I simply laid her back down on her stomach, (yes, she sleeps on her stomach) covered up, patted her bottom and made the universal “shhh shhhh” baby sleep sound.

And it worked! Consistently, for three days, it worked! It took a few times, but eventually she stayed down and sang herself to sleep. Now I am worried my excitement has been short-lived, due to the aforementioned sickness, but I guess we shall see…

The middle of the night awakening hasn’t improved in any way, but I am proud of my efforts so far. I am still undecided if I should be nursing her or not, but I have been reassured in hearing that other moms struggle with the same problem! I’m worried that the whole night nursing leads to a lifetime poor sleeper though, as Ada pops up at least once a night…never failing to scare the beejuzus out of me when I spot a silent, lurking figure in footie pajamas standing in the doorway.

It seems like a lot of the mom advice (excuse me, and dad!) can be summed up in that we, as parents, really have less control than we like to think…some kids are good sleepers, and some are, well…not.

On the plus side, I got to snuggle with my poor sick baby today…she was miserable, but it’s the only time she likes to snuggle with me, and I’ll take whatever I can get.

2 responses to “The Baby Who Never Sleeps II

  • Leah

    Oh man, I so identify with your posts about sleep! I have gone through the same process with Savannah who is almost 4 and STILL wakes up at night needing me (I had to LOL at you talking about being scared of lurking figure, so true!) and now Jaxson is almost 3 months old and I’m trying to figure out the best tactic to handle teaching him how to sleep, our routine, etc. Elizabeth Pantley’s books “No Cry Sleep Solution” has helped me a lot with Savannah and I’m working on Jaxson now. I’m caught between the world of the Baby Wise theory which was working when he was younger (sleeping 6 hours in a row some times at just 8 weeks old!) and the no-cry solution…trying to figure out a balance of routine without nursing or crying himself to sleep.

    Its so hard. Glad you are making progress and hope it keeps getting better 🙂

    • Two Tiny Blue Lines

      Ada still wakes up one or two times a night…I figure it is what it is..just tuck her back in bed and kiss her good night. Fortunately, may times, she asks for Daddy, so I get to stay in bed. Lol.

      3 months is a hard age..that is when both of my girls started sleeping a little bit more, but they were still too young for me to feel like they could cry themselves to sleep. I actually put both of them on their tummies around that age, and it helped tremendously. (Not advocating that of course, but it’s the truth!) I was reading a mom blog just yesterday that reinforced my guilt..she talked about how moms are “sleep-obsessed” and babies are only babies once, for such a short time, so nurse them when they cry, and enjoy the nighttime snuggles…

      Hard to remember at 3 AM though. 🙂

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